Valspar Launches New Improved Enamel Spray Paint

by Dan Jones on January 16, 2012 @ 10:00am

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Valspar Premium Spray Enamel

Valspar Premium Spray Enamel

Looking to update that brown basket? Or refinish that rusted watering can? Or maybe finally paint those vent covers?

Now you need a can of spray paint. Not all spray paints are created equal, however. Some spray paints drip, some spray unevenly, and some are just a plain mess.

Valspar Paint’s research revealed that consumer’s wanted a better spray paint that:

  • dries quickly
  • doesn’t run
  • doesn’t spit
  • has an easily removed cap
  • has less overspray
  • has faster spray

Valspar listened and launched a new spray paint available last September. The new spray paint cans have a twist and lock caps that shield your fingers from the paint. The new sprayer reduces the overspray so there’s less mess. And here’s the best part — you can retouch your paint job anytime. There’s no complicated recoat window.

Valspar’s Premium Spray Enamel is available in 47 colors, as well as clear sealer and primers. There are three finishes available, flat, satin, and gloss, which can all be used on interior or exterior surfaces.

For more information about the Valspar products and their color chart — check Valspar.

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